Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mr. Independent

We are days away from Brady turning two, but he has already started demonstrating his independence. I've mentioned before how he shuns restaurant high chairs and will insist on walking through stores, but that's just a small sampling of this new stage.

He has now given up on sitting at his highchair at home. He insists on sitting in a chair like mommy and daddy (incidentally, he has taken over what used to be my spot). And he does great! He doesn't even want his booster seat (although, let's face it, he could use a boost!), and he just chats away with us while we eat our meals at our table. On a total unrelated note: What in the world were we thinking getting a glass table? It shows everything!

His independence has also stretched beyond seating arrangements. He now says what he wants to wear. Lately, it's been blue shorts and a yellow shirt, thanks to Winnie the Pooh's Christopher Robin. We started off this morning with a green shirt on and I had to go in the other room for his shorts. I grabbed some dark blue ones. Immediately Brady said "Christopher Robin-blue shorts" and then promptly realized the green shirt was, indeed, not yellow. Then he made the request to change, "Green shirt off! Christopher Robin-yellow shirt". So, we changed. Now, I know what some of you are thinking...I gave in. And I guess I sort of did, but I'm ok with that. I love that he's independent and able to express what he wants. Of course there are limits and he's not going to be able to wear Christopher Robin's outfit every single day, but I'm happy to oblige him when I can.

Speaking of obliging, riding in grocery carts is now a thing of the past as well. He will help you push, or hold your hand through the store, but will have nothing to do with riding in one. It's a little more work on us, but so worth it. He loves going to the stores, is able to talk, touch, and ask questions...and he does great at staying with us. It just really drives home the point that our little guy is growing up.

I managed to snap some pictures I snapped from this morning's breakfast (notice the outfit, ignore the smudges on the table). I love his little crossed legs.
When I asked him what to drink he said: "Cold milk, Ernie cup, please." Yes, no exaggeration or rephrasing, that is what he said. What can I say? The boy knows what he wants!
Shortly after breakfast I gave the highchair a final cleaning and Mike and I put it away. Now, I never got sad over his first (or second) haircut, the fact that he's turning two isn't bothering me, nor is his new-found independence. What did make me sad? Packing up that highchair to put it away. It just seemed It just drove home the point that my little boy is not a baby anymore. Of course I already knew that, but there was just something a little sad about putting it away, even though Brady had his own rag and helped me wipe the chair down, excitedly saying "Help Mommy".
When Mike carried the chair out of the kitchen, Brady-on his own-said "Bye bye, highchair!". And, with that, we said good-bye to one era and hello to the next.


  1. WOW! 2 whole years already!! Time is flying Ang but I'm glad your sharing the moments!

  2. haha, even knows what cup he wants to drink out of :P

    Lighting looks great on the last picture!