Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Week.

In exactly one week Brady turns two. It's hard to believe. It simultaneously feels like it's been forever since he was a baby and like he was just a baby yesterday. He's at such a fun stage and seems like everyday he does or says something new. He is such a talker! He's always had a good vocabulary, but now he's forming sentences. Sentences! My favorite so far: Mommy, hold my hand. Melts my heart every single time he says it. Another favorite part of this stage? He gives hugs (his favorite are bear hugs) and kisses freely and frequently. He's reached a new independent stage where he wants no part of a high chair when we are at a restaurant and wants to walk in whatever store we happen to visit. His current favorite stores are Lowe's and Target...and he knows when we are in the vicinity. He'll say "Go Lowe's" or "Go Target" and immediately follow it with "Walk". He knows when we go to church on Sundays he goes to "class" to learn about Jesus (who, he will tell you, lives in his heart), he knows we buy Gatorade at Wal-Mart and will request a trip there if we run out, and he knows Nanny and MayMay and PaPa drive blue cars...and thinks he sees their cars everywhere.

Here are some pictures (snapped by Uncle Lance--currently called Uncle Ant) of the little guy swimming in Grandma and Grandpa's (currently called Beema and Beepa) pool. The boy loves the water...he may be part fish.
Everyday is a blessing and a new adventure and I look forward to what the next day holds while doing my best to treasure, remember, and live in the moment.

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