Monday, April 19, 2010

The Beginning

Today marks the beginning of yet another adventure...blogging!

As the B-Man turned 21 months on Saturday, I realized how quickly time is slipping by. In just three short months (that's a little less than 13 weeks, folks!), my once tiny, little baby boy will be two. While we do our best to live in the moment and treasure every second, I found myself wondering "will I remember all the little things that make this life so special?". The answer: probably not. So, with that, here is our blog.

For the future, brace yourself for an overload of parentheses (I'm a big fan), quirky posts (and probably some boring ones), lots of pictures, and hopefully some touching and unforgettable moments that will be forever captured in cybyerspace and thus solidify them in my memory.

Without further adieu, welcome to Life with the Butlers.

1 comment:

  1. HEY GUYS... That was AWESOME... Great photos... great writing... and Great photo subject... well, maybe a little bias... after all he looks a lot like his Grandpa... lol...
    Grandpa Little