Monday, April 19, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Last Monday we made plans to go to the lake and go fishing this past Saturday. Right after the plans were made we told Braden we were going fishing Saturday, there was going to be water and rocks and he could splash (one of his favorite activities). Needless to say, he was excited. We must have had the following coverstaion hundreds of times...

Me: Where are we going Saturday?
Brady: Fishing!
Me: And what's going to be there?
Brady: Water!
Me: And what else?
Brady: Rocks!
Me: And what are you going to do with the rocks?
Brady: Splaaaashhhh!

Finally, Saturday arrived. It was worth the wait. Braden had a blast, and we had a blast watching him have a blast (isn't it funny that's how it is with kiddos?). Our fearless little guy headed right for the water...and walked right in!

Unphased by the coolness of the water (or the depth), he instantly started searching for rocks. Not just any rock would do, he took his time searching until he found it...the perfect rock. Who knew there were so many perfect rocks on the bank?

Found it!

Hmmm...better make sure...

Don't judge me for this next picture. Besides, dirt builds up immunity, right?

Now for the toss...

Did you see that?

The day wouldn't have been complete without another Brady first: roasted marshmallows!
He wasn't really sure what to think...

But, in typical Brady fashion, he gave it a try with gusto!
(Again, please excuse the dirt)

And, finally, one last picture. Brady, the 21 month old.

All in all, a pretty great day.

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  1. Super awesome! He's getting so big and I STILL haven't seen him live and in the flesh! *haha* How sad is that!