Tuesday, May 11, 2010


From the moment Brady woke up Thursday morning, he knew MayMay and Papa were going to be here...and he was excited. Any time he heard a noise outside he would run to the door, certain they were here.

When it came time for them to arrive, we decided to wait outside.

Braden watched. Vigilantly.

Every car that passed was looked at with anticipation and the declaration of "MayMay, Papa". Unfortunately for the B-Man, our neighbors were having a garage sale so our usually quiet street was not all that quiet.

Still, Braden continued his watch. Hands in pocket. Gaze set.

He was only (briefly) distracted by a snack.

Hey, a boy's gotta eat.

After the snack was polished off, he was back to the task at hand.

Finally, after all that waiting, the moment arrived....MayMay and Papa were here. And this was Braden's reaction:

Go figure.

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  1. haha -interesting ending. -Very good lighting on these pictures!