Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekend in Review

Yes, I realize it's Wednesday and I'm just getting around to posting this. I contemplated skipping "Weekend in Review" because of the delay, but the weekend was too good not to recap and remember. Besides, better late than never, right?

We had family come down from St. Louis this weekend. Namely, Grandpa Mac (we're working on a better name) and Nami (who's real name is Tami, but Braden has renamed). We were afraid it was going to rain all weekend, but we managed to sneak in some fun times in between the stormy weather.

Our friend Keebee (Keri) told us about the St. Jude Dream House open house on Saturday and joined us for a viewing. We didn't buy the tickets to try to win the house, but we did fill out entries to win some free furniture. Here's hoping!!!

After dreaming our way through the dream house, we all went to the Japanese Stroll Gardens. If you live in the area and haven't gone, I really suggest you do. It is beautiful and relaxing, and perfect for pictures...providing you don't forget to charge your batteries....which I did (and that was after we made a special trip to go back by the house since I forgot it in the first place). Oy.

I did manage to get a couple before the batteries gave up the ghost.
This was the last shot I was able to take. I'm generally not good at capturing scenery, but I love this picture. I edited it a little (ok, a lot) more than I did my other pictures, but there's just something about this picture that makes me happy.
The visit went by too quicly, as it always does, but we enjoyed it, as we always do.

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