Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Favorite

I think you're going to like today's Friday's Favorite. I know I do.

The pictures were taken last July. I'm thankful I kept the unedited versions because back then I would have tried to diminish the traces of drool on his shirt. Now, I love the drool. It serves as a reminder of life back then...a time when drool was a part of life. A time where he had no teeth, had just started walking on his own, and was much more dependent on us than he is now.

He has changed a lot, but there are parts of him that have remained unchanged. I love that. And, I love my little guy. 


  1. He is lovable drool and all.he still has his baby chubby cheeks here but I agree that he really has changed.
    lov nannyxxxooooo

  2. I was going through all the old videos the other day. My how times goes so very fast.