Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Are there any of my blog followers left after I've abandoned you for so long?

I've been intending to update for a few days, but time just got away. I've been on a cleaning kick and have been anxiously trying out new all-natural cleaning solutions. When I get a few favorites, I will post the recipes for you. I am still waiting on some supplies to arrive from Amazon so I'm in limbo right now.

Braden's favorite Uncle Dance came over last night for some pizza and time with the B-Man. It was a great visit, as always, but I think we may have to rename Uncle Dance yet again. The pronunciation has changed from "Dance" to something that resembles "A-Lay". Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

I finally broke the camera out from hiding to grab some shots of Uncle-Nephew fabulousness and got this shot:

And these two:

Brady also wanted to show off his peppers and Uncle Lance lovingly abliged.

To top off the evening, there was a visit from the ice cream truck.

Brady was happy to indulge.

He was a sticky mess, and the treat came a little too close to bed time, but sometimes the extra work is worth a great memory.

On a side note, I've been trying out some different photo editing techniques. I haven't quite found my groove yet, but I'm getting there...I think?

B-Man's beloved MayMay and Papa are coming for a visit tomorrow. He's been talking about it all week. He "helped" me make the bed for them and ever since we've been having this conversation:

Brady: MayMay, Papa
Me: Yes, MayMay and Papa are coming on Thursday
Brady: Sleep
Me: Yes, they're going to sleep here

It's a good thing they are sleeping here, otherwise we would have one very disappointed B-Man on our hands. He's been so excited about their upcoming visit he falls alseep saying "MayMay, Papa" and wakes up saying the same thing (no exaggeration). Despite the broken record, I'm thrilled he gets so excited about their visits. Anyone who has the privilege of knowing them knows what a treasure they are and I love that Braden seems to realize that too.

Here's to a great visit and, of course...sleep.

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  1. What a great life our little Braden is having! Have a wonderful visit with the G-folks and I will see you soon. Good job on the pics.