Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sucker Day.

This weekend is the 53rd annual Sucker Day here in Nixa. It's an entire celebration devoted to in, sucker fish. There's a long history you can read about here if you're so inclined.

The festivities always kick off with a parade on Friday evening. We have been filling Brady's head with the promises of marching bands, fire trucks, and candy all week and, thankfully, the parade did not disappoint.

I don't ever remember having more fun at a parade. Brady discovered the harder he waved, the more charming he was, and the more candy he got tossed at him. I'm surprised he is able to lift his arms today...the kid was working it. The funny thing is he never gets candy, he just liked collecting it. He was giving high-fives, accepting stickers, shaking hands...the whole bit.

Just to give you some perspective of what a difference a year can make, here he is at last year's parade:

And here's my sweet little guy this year (I can't believe it):

If that's not enough sweetness for you, here's a video of him dancing to the marching band...I honestly think it was his favorite part of the whole parade.

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