Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Feet

Tell me, what is half so sweet
As a baby's tiny feet,
Pink and dainty as can be,
Like a coral from the sea?
Talk of jewels strung in rows,
Gaze upon those little toes,
Fairer than a diadem,
With the mother kissing them!

As I bend and proudly blow
Laughter out of every toe,
This pray, that God above
Shall protect you with His love,
And shall guide those little feet,
Safely down life's broader street.
-Edgar Guest, 1924 (Excerpt) 

I wanted to keep this weeks' edit simple. I adjusted the white balance using levels, sharpened, and added a rose color gradient. I then adjusted the opacity, duplicated my background layer, set to multiply (to try to tone down the brightness of the blanket) and tweaked a little from there. Then I did a minor crop.

It's hard to remember the time when these feet were so small. They smelled so sweet and I could not kiss them enough. Now they're a bit bigger, though still small. They don't smell as sweet, and sometimes they even are a little stinky. I still kiss them anyway. I know there will be a day, coming sooner than I'm ready, when I won't be able to hold them in my hands, or have the desire to hold them to my cheeks. For now, I'll cuddle them and tickle them...along with the little boy they belong to.

I've been loving your comments (and I'm learning from them!). Please let me know what you think about the edits. 

Good to Wow


  1. Really nicely done - I like how your subtle edits make a huge difference...even between your SOOC and your ACR work. Nicely done.

  2. Love your edits! And love those little feet! :)

  3. I LOVE baby feet and this is adorable, love it!

  4. PRECIOUS! There is nothing more precious than baby feet. I really like your black & white edit. Nice!

  5. I really love the black and white edit. very sweet picture.

  6. Oh, how adorable! And I think I can see the heart now! don't know why I had such a hard time -- sheesh!! Great job on the clean edits!

    And for sure, enjoy it while you can -- before they start smelling like frogs, mud and pickles!

  7. feet. I think I kiss my little guys like 3 times a day. everyday.
    I love the soft touch you added!

  8. Little baby feet are so sweet. I love your picture. I love those little feet!

  9. Great edit. It's adorable. :)

    Marla @

  10. Beautifully done. Love both of the edits.

  11. What sweet little feet! I love the B&W edit!

  12. Awww.. baby feet! :D Love your simple edit.

  13. Lovely shot! I love baby feet. I'm going to be a hosting a contest soon & baby feet may be the theme :)