Monday, February 14, 2011

My Husband

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in the traditional sense. Well, we don't celebrate it in any sense, really. There are a number of reasons (I'll spare you), but in all our years of dating and being married, we have never bought each other one Valentine's Day gift. I joke and tell my husband he gets it easy, but that's truly how I want it. I don't believe in celebrating Valentine's Day. 

I have always loved and appreciated my husband for reasons too long to list. But, when he became a father that love took on a whole new level. There is something so extraordinary about watching the two men in my life: the big man and the little man. I am so grateful for them, for the way they are with me, and for the way they are with each other, and for a God who gave them to me.  

So, while I do not believe in celebrating Valentine's Day; I do, however, believe in celebrating love. I *love* love. 

And, I love these two.


  1. HOW SWEET!!!!???? I LOVE this! The bokeh in the background is fabulous with a soft focus of your sweet loves. Goodness... wonderful shot!

  2. so so sweet! love the love you have for your hubby and family! :)

  3. So sweet!! What an amazing picture...adorable!! :)

  4. yes, life is fun with boys isn't it? i have two, and a big one i am married to. great photo of your two loves ...