Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. On an normal week I will jot down notes and tidbits I want to mention in the Ten on Tuesday post. Yes, I'm a list maker, in the worst possible way. I make lists of things I need to make lists for. Ri-donk-ulous.
  2. This week, however, did not have the feel of a "normal" week and I did not make any notes to myself or jot anything down. It will be a miracle if I can get to ten. Good thing I believe in miracles, eh?
  3. This past weekend the weather was gorgeous. As in, pushing 70 degrees gorgeous. We three Butlers spent a lot of time outside and at the park. I'm amazed at how much the B-Man has changed since we last went. The kid, always brave, has grown nearly fearless. If this continues, his momma may have a few extra gray hairs this summer. (Not that I have any now...You believe me, right?)
  4. As lovely as the weekend was, we are now under a blizzard warning. I kid you not. I remember lots of times having snow and ice here, but never a blizzard warning. Things could get interesting.
  5. In preparation for the blizzard, we went to the grocery store to pick up some things, just in case. What a madhouse. Our pastor later tweeted "News Flash: Walmart is out of milk, bread, & eggs which means all of southwest Missouri is having French Toast for breakfast tomorrow!"
  6. We are not having French Toast (we got Rye bread because that's the only kind they had left. Honestly.), but we are having oatmeal. What is it about oatmeal that warms the soul?
  7. I haven't mentioned it in awhile, so I feel like it's ok to talk about it. Potty training is going great! The only "downside" is he wakes up wanting to potty right away. I know, I know, that's not a bad thing. It's just that he's been waking up earlier, when before, he would stay in his bed and rest for a little while before getting up. Believe me, we are feeling the effects of early mornings.
  8. I read a blog this morning that inspired me. Don't you love it when that happens? I hope someday this blog will inspire you, instead of just bore you and lull you into a sleep. (Please tell me that doesn't happen!) 
  9. Brady is still on the Black Bear kick. Now, he's added a few other names to his list. When he's not being Black Bear, he is either Thomas (of the Train family) or Uncle Lance (for whatever reason, he's usually Uncle Lance when he's not wearing pants. Not sure where that correlation comes from, but we roll with it).
  10. His imagination is really taking off. Yesterday he told us he was going to go to the park on a picnic to visit Piglet for a little while. Then he found an empty jug and proceeded to pour his friends lemonade. When I asked for some, holding out my pretend cup, I was surprised to find the jug pushed in my mouth. Guess mommy doesn't need a cup. Whatever. Drinking from the jug? I can dig it.

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  1. great idea to do "10 on tues" ;) haha, my boy's got a wild imagination, too--the other day our whole house was a haunted castle and different floors couldn't be stepped on b/c they were made of fire, and there were traps everywhere.....but the uncle lance thing?! hilarious!