Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Cut Above

I'm not crafty. But, boy do I wish I were. When Mike and I were doing Christmas shopping for Brady, I knew I wanted to stock up on our crafting supplies (stock up as in actually get some). I had visions of sitting at the kitchen table with Brady, making...stuff.

One of those "crafty" gifts we got him were scissors. Yup, his very own pair. We headed to our favorite educational store and, while Mike kept Brady occupied at their train table, I went hunting. I ended up finding a pair that sounded like a good fit. According to the packaging they will only cut construction paper (had to pick that up too!) and, most importantly, not: hair, skin, clothes, or anything else a two and a half year old may try.

Today was a particularly slow day, so I decided to bust them out.

Brady was beside himself when I told him we were going to cut with scissors. He got right to work.

See how serious he looks? I assure you, he did have fun.

He did great for a first-timer. There were only a couple times he decided ripping the paper was easier, but he always went back to the scissors. We'll definitely tackle this again in the near future.

Today scissors...tomorrow, a clean house who knows?

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