Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Mike and I have a cup of coffee every morning and always drink out of "our" cups. They are Starbucks mugs, found at a garage sale. Mine is orange on the inside and his is blue on the inside. The funny thing is, despite using them every day, Mike will occasionally get them mixed up and try to give me the blue. OK, maybe it's not that funny to you, but we always get a chuckle out of it.
  2. We seldom have candy at our house. It's just not something we buy. (Chocolate, however? Yum!) Which may be one (of the many) reasons Brady loves his Uncle Lance. For Christmas, Lance got everyone candy for stocking stuffers and the majority of it ended up being left at our house. Ever since, Brady has asked for a piece of "Uncle Lance's candy". Every day. His favorite so far has been Jelly Bellys. Incidentally, it bears noting that if we ever have Gatorade in our house it is always "Uncle Lance's Gatorade" and it is always requested, as in, "I want to drink some Uncle Lance's Gatorade", and (when prompted for manners), "pleeeeeaase".
  3. We were playing the "tickle game" the other day when Brady bit my arm. It wasn't a hard bite, and I think he just got caught up in the excitement and didn't really mean it maliciously. When I had him apologize, he saw my bruise and, on his own, prayed for it. It was sweet, sincere, and delicate and I couldn't have been more of a puddle. Then, ever so gently, he bent down and kissed it. As if that weren't sweet enough, he then prayed for my knee (yes, it still hurts). I love moments like that.
  4. It's official. Mike has turned into a reader. I'm not just talking willy-nilly-read-occasionally reader. Nope, he is a full-blown-read-every-spare-second-kind-of-reader. And I love it. We have stopped watching TV at night (except for the occasional show/movies on Friday nights) and we read together. Yes, we may very well be 80 year olds disguised as 30-somethings. I love moments like that.
  5. Speaking of being 30-something, I got ma'am-ed the other day. We were at Bed Bath and Beyond when it happened. I rounded a corner and ran smack dab into a 20-something (she very well could've been a teenager, but I'm trying to make myself feel a little better) and she said it. The dreaded words. "Oh! Excuse me.....maaaaa'aaaammm". Now, it could just be my imagination, but it surely felt like it was drawn out, in slow motion, and amplified. I've mentioned it before that being 30 doesn't bother me. Being called ma'am however? Um, yeah. Don't love that.
  6. That same day, my mood was lifted and feelings soothed (a little) with the help of Target. Specifically, the dollar bins right when you walk in the store. I scored two little planting pots that had seeds to plant. I can't wait to plant them with Brady (remember the peppers?) and watch them grow. We got a strawberry plant and some Forget-Me-Nots. I'll keep you posted on their progress.
  7. Brady likes to listen to certain songs over and over (and over and over and over). Needless to say, Mike and I learn the words. Pretty fast. Occasionally we'll sing along. Lately, however, Brady has started saying "want you to stop singing". Ouch.
  8. Next Monday, my son will be exactly two and a half. I can barely type the words. How did that happen?
  9. Because next Monday my son will be exactly two and a half, we have begun the process of potty training. I've done a lot of research (meaning: I've read a lot of blogs) and found that this was the most recommended age to try. Yesterday was our first day and, at the end of it, I'm feeling optimistic. Without sharing the icky details, we managed a couple small successes. Not bad for day one. Nevertheless, prayers are appreciated!
  10. Have you ever heard of Ebates? It's the coolest site ever-if you're an online shopper. Basically, you sign up for a free account with Ebates then, anytime you're going to do any online shopping, go to their web page and find the store you want to shop (like Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, Sears...the list goes on). Here's the amazing part-you get cash back! I just got a check for $7.57 from them. How cool is that? Plus, if you sign up, you can get a free $10 gift card to a choice of places. I picked Home Depot. I'm going to be getting some paint! Anyway, click here if you're interested. I get $5 in referral if you sign up with my link, as opposed to singing up on your own. Then, once you sign up, you can get your friends to sign up and get free money. Free money is a wonderful thing.

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