Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday's Favorite

For Mike's birthday this year, Brady picked out a birthday card (all by himself!) that said "Happy birthday to the big man, from the little man." Ever since then, Brady will randomly say Mike is "the big man" and he happily calls himself "the little man". I love it.

These pictures were snapped when Brady's Nanny was visiting. The entire two weeks she was here, Brady refused to nap in his bed. So, every afternoon he would usually crash on the couch. This particular day, Mike cuddled up with him and I just happened to have my camera handy. I love how you can sense their bond, even while they're sleeping. (It bears mentioning that the day after she left, he happily returned to his crib. Thank heavens!)

So, here they are.

The big man and the little man.

Man, I love these guys.


  1. Loved reading the blog, especially since I missed out on the visit this time. Maybe Grandpa Mac can teach Brady guitar. It would be a great bonding Moment!

  2. I'm so glad you're liking the blog! And thanks for being a "follower"! I would love for him to teach Brady the guitar--you'll have to start talking him into it for me! :)