Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Favorite

We got a few inches of snow here yesterday. It's beautiful, bright white, and cold. Maybe that's why I've been longing for some warm sunshine, sandy beaches, and salty ocean water.

Brady was a mere eight months old. We lugged the diapers, bottles, and all the extra baggage an eight month old requires and flew to Florida to visit Mike's Uncle Jim and Aunt Donna.

I remember being so excited to take Brady to the beach. I just knew he'd love the sand. I wasn't sure how he'd like the ocean. But, in true Brady form, the little guy dove right in. He splashed, he crawled, he laughed, and he ate sand. As in, a lot of sand.

This is what stands out in my mind from the trip.

Now, it's January and we're bundled and layered and I find myself thinking about a beachy vacay. It would be a whole new experience this time. I'm still just as excited to see how Brady would like it. It's one of my most favorite things about being a parent...seeing things through your child's eyes and enjoying whole new experiences. This time, he would be more observant about flying on an airplane and would be able to say what he wanted to do, where he wanted to play. We'd be able to tell him not to put the sand in his mouth, eyes, hair, etc (but that doesn't mean that it would stop him).

Oh, and he'd be wearing big boy unders.

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  1. that pic is SO the beach with kids; happiness covered in sand. too cute! makes me want to go beach vaycaying too girl:)